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Maximizing the space in a kids room

In most cases when a family buys a home, the child (or children) is stuck with the with the smallest room. However, they usually have the most stuff! For instance "clothing," clothes that they can wear now, clothes that they have grown out of, clothes that were bought too big for them to grow into, and clothes that are sentimental like performance uniforms or recital showcases. Then they have their shoes, accessories, and school necessities. Let's not forgot about "toys," they have some teeny-weeny toys, like a Barbie's shoe.

Then they have some huge toys, like a three-foot tall Barbie doll house. So, how do you fit all of this into the smallest room of the house? Start by organizing the closet, separating the clothes by the seasons. Be sure to put the most used or currently worn clothes directly in the center of the closet, so when the doors are opened you'll have easy access because they will be the first thing that you see.

Maybe you can invest in a loft bed! Giving them a sleeping space at the top and more floor space at the bottom. Some have built in desk with shelving, storage space, and drawers. This minimizes having to have a dresser or chest, allowing more open floor space for a play area. PB Teen has a few different options to choose from.

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Also, don't forget to utilize the walls! You can always find additional shelving, wall hangers, and hooks for those awards, trophies, hats, scarves, jackets, or jump ropes. For more idead check out DYI & Crafts.

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Get the most out of your space!

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