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Masters of Interior Design

Breathe new life into your living spaces and enjoy a more beautiful and inviting home. At Interiors Transformed in Jacksonville, FL, we offer professional interior design services that guarantee to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Whether you need us to furnish a sketch of an interior plan or provide you with expert design advice, you can count on our talented interior designers to deliver only the best services we can offer.

About Our Company

As a family business, our focus is on decorating your home according to the characteristics that describe you. Modern, classic, glam-chic, or industrial—expect us to mix different styles to give you a design that suits your lifestyle and interests.

Our owner, Sabrina Hayes, has an A.S. Degree in Interior Design and Technology. With her leadership, we can create your ideal living space. Your satisfaction with the end result is what matters most, and rest assured that we will exhaust all measures possible to ensure it.

Achieve Your Dream Home

With the help of Interiors Transformed, creating your dream home is as easy as it can be. Sit back and relax as we unfold a masterpiece right before your eyes. Wait not a minute longer and give our team a call to discuss your plans with us. We anticipate the chance of working with you!

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